Monday, April 26, 2010

Is Hotfile the new Mediafire??


God, I can't remember the last time I downloaded music using Mediafire. Musta been days ago. I used to trust nothing but the big names in free downloading. You know, Mediafire, Megaupload. But it really seems like Hotfile has taken over as the new king of the free download sites. It's kinda like Megaupload where they make you wait 60 seconds for "Regular Download" because they want you to pay for "Speedy Download" but man it's still pretty speedy either way!!! I'm suspicious. What's the catch? Weird...... find out for yourselves:


PS rumours of possibility that above occurrences are first step towards free download supergroup called "HotFire" are in the "rumor mill"


New feature called "the post-spot chill-lounge sponsored by O.M.G. brought to you by Jaw Drops" premieres soon featuring Guided By Voices and Built To Spill.

This feature provides a nice "corner of intimacy" in the blog where one can, if they please, sit down and gush and shit.

This poster had never really listened to the previously mentioned bands until just the other day.

Prepare for a big GUSHER!!!!!!!!!!!!


Give the new MGMT a chance, people

They don't give a **** and I like it. Just because it's not filled with hipster jock jams doesn't mean it's garbage. And it's still got hooks: Listen for the chord changes about 20 seconds into "It's Working". That's magic! The song structures are weird but you gotta feel that weirdness.

Enlightening interview here:

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Volcano Suns

If you're look for great drinking songs that you can also rock out to, I might have something for you. Volcano Suns' first album, The Bright Orange Sun is full of drunken energy and bluesy grunged out hooks. It'll have you up off the couch and chugging a beer with your best friend in no time! But seriously, go steal it off the internet as soon as possible. It's really great.

b. baby OUT!

Weekly Compendium: The National

The National is Tight.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Warning Warning Warning

Hi, my name is Ghostface Killah. I'm the godfather of this here blog. I'll give you a quick tour, ok? Hey, turn the t.v. down please. Thank you, I appreciate that because I am giving a tour of this here blog and I could barely hear my own thoughts. Alright here's the tour: get ready for some dope shit. Peace. Go listen to my album Fishscale. It's "for keeps". Alright, Peace again. I'ma let the boys rap at you from now on, but if shit gets bundled I'll be rockin in back and forth to make sure the right words get said and all naysayers get dealt. Peace.


Sorry we haven't posted in a while, our Moms took our computers!!!!